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Buddhist Meditation Center


BuddHist meditation center

During my trip to Mongolia (Sept. 2016), I hiked to a Buddhist Meditation Center in Gorkhi Terelj National Park. During the communist takeover of Mongolia in the 1930s, Buddhism was almost wiped out. When once there were more than 800 temples, less than 30 remain. Buddhism is making a resurgence nowadays.



Connie with her Eagle Hunter’s Hat


Dr. Connie davis with her eagle hunter’s hat

I was going to see the Eagle Hunters’ Festival in western Mongolia in Olgii. The Kazakh nomads in Mongolia are the last ethnic group to continue to train golden eagles and to hunt with them on horseback. The hat is made from scores of foxes who have that striped fur only on their forelegs. The hat is made by the wife of the eagle hunter and is not a tourist item. 



The Eagle Hunter


the eagle hunter

Our little group pitched our gers (yurts) close to the family of the first female Mongolian girl to win at the Eagle Hunters festival in 2014.  Her father, Agalai, took us hunting on horseback. He showed us how he trained the eagle and put her through her paces.


Connie with the Golden Eagle


Agalai placed the golden eagle on my arm. Wow, was she heavy! You could feel the long talons of the eagle gripping mightily through the thick gloves. The eagle’s beak could tear you apart. I was acutely aware that female golden eagles do not necessarily like human females.