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Dr. Davis is available for speaking to groups and organizations.

She is an Award-Winning Author, Medical Consultant, Speaker, Traveler, and Wayfarer.

Dr. Davis’ dynamic and diverse background shines through when she is engaging an audience. She takes Inspiration, World Health Issues, Inter-country Adoption, and Traveling to Remote Destinations.

At a recent gathering, participants said, “She took us along on a journey to places that most of us will never experience. We were all captivated and inspired by her adventures. We loved her book.”

Your audiences will agree!

Dr. Connie Davis invited to Rancho Santa Fe Book Club in San Diego CA on March 25, 2019.

This Club has been in existence since the early 1990s! They meet once a month at a member's house for lunch and discuss the latest book selection. They posed many probing questions to the Author about the dangers of working in a war zone. The meeting went on for several hours!


Presentation Topics:

One Person Can Make a Difference
Eradicating Everyday Diseases that Kill
Trekking One Step at a Time
Discovering the Love of My Life 8996 Miles Away

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